Receiving 400 error when trying to run Dimensions Clone command in VSCode

I'm receiving the following error when trying to run Dimensions commands in VSCode: Failed to run a request to remote server. Response code: 400.

I turned on the debug log level in the Dimensions CM extension in VSCode, it looks like Dimensions is connecting but it won't pull up the list of products or streams, when I try running the command I get the error. Below are screenshots of my connection string as well as the log with what the Dimensions Clone command is returning. Any help to get this connection working would be greatly appreciated.

Error I'm Receiving:

Connection string:

I received this pop up when I initially ran the Dimensions Clone command, which I used my LDAP credentials to login as that's the same credentials we use for Dimensions as well. The server is different here than the connection string above (I was messing around trying different connections) but this same pop up box came up for the as well:

Here is the log that is being returned: