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improve use of "Preview tab" in Open Request GUI for WebConsole

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when using the Open Request GUI for SERVER:PORT/dimensions/?jsp=edit_chgdoc_master&ChangeDoc=TU52167538,.C],PRODUCT_REQTYPE_ID#,.C]] , there is a tab marked Preview.  In Internet Explorer (now deprecated) the page used to be displayed as an HTML Webpage.  In all other Browsers, it is displayed as html code. I figured out that if I down load the code, and open it via a browser, it is displayed as in any browser, as it used to display in IE.

If I run the command "ACF PRODUCT /TYPE=REQTYPE /FORMAT=HTML /EXTENSION="html" it will change the MIME for the file type, and will render the page as a webpage (like in IE).  But I need to do this for all applicable Product_ReqType permutations, and I am worried that there may be unintended consequences to a developer. 

Can Dim CM be modified to force the MIME without the admin making the change? or could the Preview Tabe be rendered via another means, like a PDF?  My End Users use the tab to review the FULL Request before submitting.

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    It can be, for instance, RTF, which will be mapped to "application/msword" mime type. So the request browsing will open it in the corresponding document editor assigned to this file type on the client operating system.

    If you prefer the modification of UI mime type mapping in UI (vs ACF command) - that can be done in the Administration Console | Data format & MIME types | open HTML format | tab Relationships | Assign | to Request Type.

    In case of programmable way preference - this should be also doable via dmpmcli utility. There are many examples at Dimensions CM Server installation folder .../CM/AdminConsole/examples/ . Let me know if you'd need any help with this way.

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