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Prevent the user to check in files when File size not more than XXXMB

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Hi Team,

It would be great if dimensions CM have an option to Prevent the user to check in files when File size not more than XXXMB!



  • Hello Arun,

    I though about using event callout interface to build a custom DLL trigger for this verification purpose. However my colleague has checked and a file size arrives into events only after the file or new revision has been already added under source control.

    Another possible solution can be doing such post-commit checks using PulseUno Chain or Jenkins job (integrated with Dimensions CM). There file size can be analyzed and chain/job failed notifying via email or MS Teams a committer, other necessary people that there were delivered potentially unexpected file(s).

    Can you describe in more details - where does the requirement about file size come from? Is that to prevent temporary files being mistakenly delivered or anything else?


    Alex Shevchenko
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