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show popup information message when mouse over (i) logo in Dimension CM Requests

Status: New Idea

Application : Dimension CM

Features : Dimension CM request need to have (i) logo and when mouse is over on it, it has to show information about the option. it will help to give understanding to the use about the purpose of the option.

  • Hi Alex,

    We created customized requests in Dimension CM under request tab and have to show popup as an information.

    for example, in microfocus new case form, first field is "Case Type", there is (i) logo next to it, when mouse over on it following is the information will be displayed in the popup window and will disappear when mouse exists. similar option has to create in our Dimension CM Request.

    "1. Technical issue - a defect or other issue with use of your product. 2) Licensing - an issue with licensing for your product, 3) website functionality - ..............."

  • Hello,

    Can you please clarify - which client(s), which option(s), which dialog(s) do you mean? Maybe screenshots or mockups will help us to understand the requirements.

    Thank you,

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  • this option is needed in my application and have to include in my existing Dimension CM Requests, please kindly help.