Tip for all Dimensions CM users bothered by expanding left-pane docked windows


If you are using Dimensions CM every day and actively working with docked windows on the left pane ("My Current Stream", "Global Catalog", "Global Inbox", "Reports and Lists) or at least with one of them, you definitely have inconvenience with expanding them each time you open CM. 

After you login to CM, you see only 1 docked window, and rest are collapsed:

To expand you should capture each border by mouse and move it up. They are really small and for me it's real pain to do this every time I login to CM.

There is cool way to expand all windows in 1 second. I'm not sure if this is a feature or not, but I'm always using it.

Just capture CM window top border by mouse and move it down (as much as on screen below) and then up to initial position:

After this manipulation you will get all windows expanded and taking equal space:


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