Dimensions CM IDE plugin for MathWorks MATLAB is now available!


Exciting news! We are pleased to share with you our new Dimensions CM IDE plugin for MathWorks MATLAB is here! 

We have Git Client IDE plugins for Eclipse, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans IDEs. Now the number of supported IDEs has been extended by adding support for MathWorks MATLAB.

These IDE plugins allow you to work with Dimensions CM from your integrated development environment (IDE) using standard Git functionality. The IDEs run Git commands that are redirected to the Git Client, and the Git Client synchronizes the changes with a Dimensions CM repository.

Main functionality

Use the Dimensions CM Git Client IDE plugin to perform the following operations:

  • Clone a stream from Dimensions CM and populate the main branch in a Git repository with the tip of a stream.
  • Update a local Git repository with changes from Dimensions CM. When you pull changes, each Dimensions CM changeset becomes a commit in a local Git repository.
  • Push changes from a Git repository to Dimensions CM. Each Git commit becomes a Dimensions CM changeset.
  • View Dimensions CM requests and relate them to Git commits. Along with native Dimensions CM requests, you can use requests from external providers such as Jira, ALM Octane, and Solutions Business Manager (SBM).
  • View PulseUno reviews and open them. Reviews enable you to comment on, and review, the changes in your development projects. Reviews are displayed when they are approved, in review, or have been sent for rework.

For a detailed description please visit the Dimensions CM Help Center

Have technical questions? Visit the Dimensions CM Discussion Forum. 


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