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How to access Caliber outside of that machine ?

We had installed Caliber 11.3 Data and author tool in Machine 1, Now we had install author tool on machine 2 but we are not able to access that caliber server from machine 2.  We are able to access caliber from machine itself.

We had also enable firewall port rules still we are not able to access outside that machine.

Do we need to enable any other settings to allow caliber server to be accessible outside that machine ?

  • Are you using Windows credentials or Login and Password? Have you tried otherwise?

    Anyway, in order to troubleshoot, try this. In the Caliber Author login window, click on the ellipsis and then on the Add Server button. You should see this window:

    Caliber server properties.png






    Ensure that you are using the correct port and it is whitelisted on your firewall. On server address, enter the IP of your machine 1. If it fails to log in, use the server domain name instead of the IP and retry. If it still fails, go to machine 1 and look for failed login traces in the server log.

    No entries in the log would probably mean that there is a network issue, so you can take a look at this post: /adtd/req_mgt/caliber/w/wikiid-124/8779/client-connectivity