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Improve "Schema Deployment" to let you choose what changes to move over

Status: New Idea

What may be a not-so-well known feature to some is the "Schema Deployment" capability within the RM class definitions editor.

It is reachable by File > Deploy Schema
In RM Manage on the RM server
and allows you to export all class definition changes from one RM instance to another  (on the same server).

The thing is, this deployment capability is an "all or none" deal.
There is no way to say that you only want to 'copy over' only one or two attributes.
You have to copy-over everything.
Recently I had a production scare when I did a test to production deployment of this sort.
Apparently my memory failed to recall that there were more changes in test than I wanted to carry over.
It was fortunate of me that I backed up my production RM data before doing the test to prod schema deployment.

Customers often want changes made in test, then applied to production.
Making meticulous notes that are actually readable by the end of the day to make that happen are highly improbable, which often leads me to make customer changes in production instead of test.
As could be imagined, making edits to production without testing is not ideal.

Attached is a screenshot of what the schema deployment screen looks like.
RM 12.7.1 was the version of RM that was reviewed before posting this Idea.

If you would like to 'copy over' some attributes from one RM instance to another instead of "everything", then you'll want to do a 'thumbs up' on this Idea.