Dimensions RM 12.7.1 Now Available


Micro Focus is pleased to announce the general availability of Dimensions RM 12.7.1. This Service Pack is the latest installment of Dimensions RM – the strategic Requirements Management solution at Micro Focus.

• Ability to define default user attribute values per category/folder
• Support of tagging (non-hierarchical tag structure for now, alternate mode for multi-selection lists)
• Display past sprints for a story
• Improved filtering on agile boards
• Improved Document Change View
• Enable multi-selection for "Create New and Link" in Document
• Set page orientation per chapter
• Multi-page tables can repeat header on each page
• Document "Replace All" can now act on chapter text
• It is now also possible to limit document search to PUIDs, only.
• Change Class can keep workflow state and links (instance setting)
• Ability to show in a requirement attribute which users executed a transition (this was a specific customer request)
• Allow change of user ID for existing users
• Support long usernames (64 characters)

Usability Updates
• Updated Comments UI
• New UI for handling multiple attachments per item
• Visualization of suspect links in trace matrix
• Modernized task board
• Modernized login screen UI
• Updated user and list attribute UI for easier filtering and searching
• Alternate multiple-selection UI – two assignment boxes instead of a single list with check marks
• Added filter for Container drop-down in Quick-Search
• Display if a dashboard is public or private
• Define attributes shown as tooltip in reports, quick search and split view

Security and Performance Updates
• Significant performance increase when searching for PUIDs (Req IDs) within a document
• Support of IP origin user name check for higher restricted login

Recommended Reading
Refer to the Dimensions RM Release Notes and documentation for further information.


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