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Zoom out functionality Code in Truclient Web protocol


I have a business scenario that am creating script using TruClient Web protocol. There are some buttons which are not visible at 100% zoom but its visible at 80% zoom. Can someone please suggest how to implement zoom out in TruClient Web protocol.

I tried below workaround as JS code and I can see hidden button but the problem is below code make the font small but not resize the whole screen as zoom out does. = 0.8;

I have vugen 2022 R1

Rajesh Sahu


LoadRunner Cloud
  • Hi,

    In Truclient "Evaluate JavaScript" you can only write common JS, perhaps you can try this: = 'scale(0.8)'; or maybe you can use the General Browser Action - resize to resize the browser window. I can only provide these ideas because I don't really understand your scenario, zoom out to 80% to make some buttons visible, like press Ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel?