LoadRunner Cloud Rest Api Details

I want to confirm few points regarding LoadRunner Cloud Rest Apis:

1. The sample response that has been given on official rest Api documentation i.e., loadrunner-cloud.saas.microfocus.com/.../ has the same structure and body as the real response body?

2. Is there any chance that response body can be change in real response body.

3. Is there any chance that the structure can be change in real response body. i.e., Array can be change or fields can be change.

Kindly let me know if there are any changes that may be possible in real response body as compared to example response body given in API documentation.

  • The page also allows you to try each API easily. 

    Expan the target API, click the "Try it out" button, input required parameters, then click the "Execute" button. Real responses will be displayed..

    For example:

    Sample responses match real ones. They are JSON objects.

    The APIs maintain backward compatibilities. New fields could be added in future.