Latest Snapshot not being displayed and LR VUGEN 2023 complete ignores the proxy setting.


I am using the latest version of VUGEN and I cannot collect the latest snapshot when I replay my script, it always shows the first snapshot, WHY?

  • Save snapshot locally >> ON
  • Generate snapshot on error >> ON
  • Increase the side of the snapshot by adding a 0 to all the values.

A workaround is using FIDDLER to capture the responses, but my LR 2023 ignores 100% of the proxy setting, even if I set a dummy proxy, LR works like nothing changes. WHY?

When I put the same proxy that fiddler is using (localhost,8888), fiddler is unable to capture anything, maybe for the same reason that LR works even with dummy proxies.

Dummy proxy:

  • HTTP proxy: "sdasdfaeadsf"
  • Port:1657321

I already re-installed the app and set everything as default but the issues continue.

Should I come back to a previous LR version?