How to handle signature value in http AmazonAWS call

In my vugen recorded GUI script some AmazonAWS calls are passing in the request headers of those call one authentication header is passing in that one signature value is passed and that signature value is a calculation of some other headers like canonical request, eu-west-1/s3/, Access key, security token, secret key and converted into hex value

Can anyone one please help me how I can handle that signature value in the script because that value is dynamic and changing everytime and also unable to find that in the response so can't correlate that value 

  • Hi  , If you are using Web HTTP/HTML protocol you have to figure out how those headers are generated. Most of time this is Java Script. You have to figure the JS scripting that is used and you can put thatJS code inside a web_run_js() call and call it with right parameters. There is a library for OAuth 1.x and it contains functions to calculate HMAC based on SHA1 and SH256.

    There are better ways to interact automatically with AWS: aws cli api calls.

    When you are using TruClient scripting, it should be handled automatically.

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