Idea ID: 2876381

Capabilities for deploying OPLG in Linux

Status: New Idea

We are trying to deploy LoadRunner cloud (OPLG) in Linux using Linux LG installer (MF_LG_2022.01_Linux_64bit.tgz) which was downloaded from Micro Focus software downloads page. But there is no option available to choose LoadRunner cloud while installing on Linux. Also didn't find sample_conf.json file upon installation which can be used to configure OPLG. Whereas the windows installer has an option to select LoadRunner Cloud. 

It would be helpful if either an option to choose LR flavor or other installers to deploy OPLG in Linux is provided. 

  • LoadRunner-Cloud (LRC) On-premise Load Generator (aka OPLG) on Linux o/s is a much-needed capability, similar to SetupOneLG on Windows O/s. Spinning a Linux o/s on cloud-instance is faster and economical compared to windows o/s on cloud.  This capability facilitates our development community to adopt to LRC-platform for shift-left Performance Testing during Development sprint-cycles.  

  • This capability will be of great help for Fanniemae in terms of saving Windows OS License costs and also helps in OPLG provisioning time.