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Enable option to include/exclude ThinkTime in SRL Test Report/Analysis

Status: Delivered

It would be useful to have an option to include or exclude the Think Time when analyzing the test results.


  • Hello Bhargav, thank you for your feedback.

    Even though this feature provides with huge value to several of our users, we are aware of the current limitations that come with it. We are definitely looking forward to enhance this new capability and cover additional use cases, as the one you have just raised, in the near future.

  • Below are my observations on this feature 

    1. Exclude Think Time feature has given at Run configuration level which will allow either to include or exclude for that scenario and does not provide an option to include think time if required for few scenarios.
    2. In Performance Center, we have thins option at Analysis level and we can use both options as per our requirement
    3. In our project, we have many transactions which will be asynchronous processes and takes huge time (>10 mins). We use to refresh those pages once in a while by using think time (controlled way to avoid stress on app) and we have to calculate response time for these flows including think time, but this feature doesn’t allow us to extract results both  including and excluding think time (as per my understanding).
    4. It would be helpful if we get this feature at results extraction level so that we will extract results both ways and use as per our requirement.
  • In our latest version release 2020.10, LoadRunner Cloud now added support for 'Think time' exclusion. This option is available in the General Tab and allows to exclude the think time calculation of the test. For more information, visit our help center article:

  • Enabling Include/Exclude Think time option will help in handling main and its sub transaction in a end to end flow. This is very useful option to get enabled.

  • This will be very helpful in getting the response times excluding the think time. This is needed for multiple projects