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LRC Report: Need to export HTML version of report

Status: Waiting for Votes

Currently after we complete LRC execution, we generate a lengthy word report. where the values inside will be extracted to excel for pre and post response time and tps comparison. This approach is not user friendly especially when there are more than 50 pages in this word report.

Can you help add a new feature that HTML report can be generated or exported, where it contains a number of links (e.g. throughput, error summary, or other stats) ? just as the existing feature that on prem Load runner Analysis provides


  • When we picked LRC to replace our on-prem LR, reporting is 1 of the most critical considerations. However, without HTML format of reporting, it makes our daily report sharing work extremely difficult. 

    Our technical partner teams, e.g. dev and project management teams asked many times. Also the management teams also complained about LRC reports comparing to on-prem LR report.

    Hope this one can be implemented and deployed ASAP.