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Percentile metrics to be added in the TRT in the Dashboard

Status: Waiting for Votes

Waiting for Votes

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Currently the Transaction Response Time table in the Dashboard does not lists Percentile data. And only Reports has the Percentile metrics, and is in image format. We are looking for feature where Percentile metrics can be easily downloaded along with other counters like Min , Max, Avg, Std Dev etc. in a spreadsheet format. In case of script which has large number of Transactions (say more then 20 +) collating the data in readily available spreadsheet format will be nice to have feature. 


  • Great, I will keep this idea open (waiting for votes) to have such an option available without needing to export to Word   

  • Many thanks Sharon for coming back on this query. Yes you caught it right :), the pain is copy pasting the data in case the number of transaction are high and we do not have something handy which we can generate with a single click and everything in a single place. 

    Happy with the alternate way suggested. 



  • Thanks for submitting this idea. 

    You can export the report to word to get the transaction table in text format, this table includes percentile values and is to copy/paste. 

    You may also want to know that when using the new "Optimal" percentile algorithm, you can recalculate the percentile value - post-run. It means you may run your test with percentile 95%, the report will generate a table with 95% percentile, you can export to word and copy the table, you can then go back to the report, change the percentile value (in offline) from 95% to (say) 88%, percentile will be calculated for the transactions listed in this table, export to Word and copy the 88% percentile results.. 

    The percentile is not included in the Transactions Summary Table because this table is available in runtime, and we rather avoid recalculating the percentile every X seconds, therefore this data is made available post-run.