8 DevWeb Tutorials


DevWeb was designed with a developer mindset, to provide you with maximum flexibility. It can be used on any platform (Windows, Linux, macOS) and across any IDE, enabling you to script and execute load tests as part of your continuous testing process.

  • You can create a script using a variety of IDEs and tools: Micro Focus Virtual User Generator (VuGen), Visual Studio Code, Atom.io, JetBrains WebStorm (IntelliJ), and many more.
  • Then you run your script using the standalone DevWeb installation, which can be up and running in minutes.
    Alternatively, you can use one of Micro Focus' LoadRunner products family: LoadRunner Pro, LoadRunner Enterprise and LoadRunner Cloud.

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Check out these 8 tutorials:

Tutorial 1: Setting up DevWeb

Tutorial 2: Creating a Script

Tutorial 3: Recording Using the Proxy Recorder

Tutorial 4: Basic Scripting

Tutorial 5: Transactions

Tutorial 6: Using Parameters

Tutorial 7: Correlations

Tutorial 8: How to Run a DevWeb Script in the LoadRunner Controller



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