The events not getting captured while recording Java web start application using Java Over HTTP protocol.


I am facing problem in recording issue in java webstart application which is a jnlp url . When launching the url,the jnlp file is getting downloaded and opening the java applet login page.

When i tried recording with java over http protocol , i am not able to proceed after giving the credential in java applet.

The script is getting captured till before the login.

Please let me know how to resolve the issue.


Suneetha D.

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  • Hi Tina,

    We are not using SSL in my application.

    When we launch the application JNLP is downloaded and once we open that JNLP the application will redirect from Oracle to applet forms. Here the problem is that we cannot capture events after it is redirected to applet forms using Java over HTTP protocol. Can you please help me to overcome this issue.


    Suneetha D.

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