Has anyone been able to EXPORT Controller Messages using Version 2023 R1 of the Controller's Output Window?]

I am not able to EXPORT ANY message (of any TYPE) from the Controller's Output Window in latest version of the Contrroller software, namely Version 2023 R1.  This is a MAJOR issue since many customers use the ability to export Controller messages to a CSV=Formatted file.

What this feature removed in Version 2023 R1? If so, was there some other feature that was developed to take its place?

Not only does this feature no longer exist in the Controller, it does not exist in Analysis software either. In both of these key Loadrunner components, the ability to EXPORT the Controller messages has been a STANDARD feature in most of the Loadrunner software versions going back several years.

If this feature was really removed from the Loadrunner software, why wasn't there any documentation of the removal of this feature in the README file that is sent with every new version of the Loadrunner software.

This same issue is in Version 2023 R1 Patch 1 as well.

  • What is the way to EXPORT the Controller Messages from the result (*.lrr_) or the Microsoft Access database file?

  • Hello,

    In 2023R1 Output Logs are stored in SqliteDb.db under the result folder.

    The error messages could be checked through SQLite tool like below:

    You may use the [Save...] button above to export the table as csv file.


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  • I looked at the directory path that is specified in the Controller's Results Settings. On my 2023 R1 system there is an .MDB file for the Microsoft Access database, but there is NO .DB file or any file starting with Sqlite*.*,

    My main point here is that the Controller's Output Window, for many Loadrunner software versions prior to Version 2022 R2, there has ALWAYS been an ICON at the top of the Controller's Output WIndow that allowed for the EXPORTING of any Controller messages to a CSV file. Why this very useful feature has been removed from 2022 R2, and especially the latest Loadrunner software (which is supposed to be the best one) in Version 2023 R1 or  2023 R1 Patch 2... does NOT make any sense whatsoever.

    Customers should not have to use a third party tool, like SqLiteDb to EXPORT Controller Output messages that used to be provided by using the software within the Controller in many prior versions of the Controller software.  The removal of this feature is an oversight caused by the introduction of the new user interface for the Output Window, which does not provide any VALUE ADD to the customer that I can tell. It also makes the Controller and the Analysis software look "UNFINISHED" since ONLY a few parts of the Controller / Analysis software use this new user interface (ie. the Controller's / Analysis's Output Window and the Controller's Transaction Window). 

    This problem is not limited to the Controller either since the Analysis software uses the same or similar software to display the Controller's messages from WITHIN the Analysis softrware (when you select the option within the Analysis software to view the Controller Messages).

  • Suggested Answer

    Hello Richard
    I just want to clarify a few things for you.
    You are correct in that the output UI was changed in the last release. This is part of our on-going modernization efforts and you will see incremental updates to many more UIs in the future versions. 

    As part of the effort to replace some older UIs we are not only providing a fresher look and feel but also reducing any technical debt and also providing better stability. However, thanks for pointing our that this option was removed.
    I have added this to the backlog and we will re-instate this soon.

    Cheers David

  • Thank you for your quick response.

    I understand that in any modernization effort not every part of a large software package can be modernized at the same time. However, my opinion on these modernization efforts was impacted by the loss of key features that my company has dependent upon for years. The exporting of the Controller messages (which affected both the Controller and Analysis components), the multiple problems with the new Output Windows "Clear All" option, and the multiple problems with the Controller's new Transaction Window certainly contributed to my negative assessment of the modernization efforts associated with these two important windows within the Controller's user interface. I also have submitted technical support cases for all of these problems, and I have received either workarounds or hot fixes for them.

    I am not sure if any of these issues have been fixed in Version 2023 R1 Patch 2.

  • Hi Richard
    Thanks for your honest and frank feedback. Its very much appreciated.
    We have just prepared our latest patch and did not include this so I have queued this for release into the first release of next year.
    So expect this to be fixed and much more stable in the release we have GA in the first quarter of 2024.

    Please continue to share your thoughts, concerns and ideas and I will ensure they are looked at
    I am also happy to arrange a call and discuss in more detail
    Thanks David