Has anyone been able to EXPORT Controller Messages using Version 2023 R1 of the Controller's Output Window?]

I am not able to EXPORT ANY message (of any TYPE) from the Controller's Output Window in latest version of the Contrroller software, namely Version 2023 R1.  This is a MAJOR issue since many customers use the ability to export Controller messages to a CSV=Formatted file.

What this feature removed in Version 2023 R1? If so, was there some other feature that was developed to take its place?

Not only does this feature no longer exist in the Controller, it does not exist in Analysis software either. In both of these key Loadrunner components, the ability to EXPORT the Controller messages has been a STANDARD feature in most of the Loadrunner software versions going back several years.

If this feature was really removed from the Loadrunner software, why wasn't there any documentation of the removal of this feature in the README file that is sent with every new version of the Loadrunner software.

This same issue is in Version 2023 R1 Patch 1 as well.