Truclient Scripting in Vugen : Recording and Replay not working [HIGH PRIORITY]

Hi ,

There is some issue with my Vugen, I am unable to record any Truclient web scripts and even unable to replay the existing truclient scripts, can some one please help me, it is very urgent for me to resolve this.

PS: I have tried multiple reinstallations, it didn't resolve the issue. and even tried with "No proxy" as well.

Please find the error screenshots below:

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  • Hi  , sure. please find details below.

    I am using Vugen 2022.3 version, please check the attached screenshot below,

    It was working in the past with the same version, But in order to fix some other issue which is related to Http protocol scripting, I uninstalled the Vugen and reinstalled it(same version), and after that I started getting issue with Truclient scripting, I again tried multiple reinstallations. It didn't help.

    I believe there is something missing in my Vugen / Truclient chromium settings.

    It is working fine for all my colleagues who are using same Vugen version and same scripts.

    relevant screenshots:

    Issue while recording:

  • ,

    Looks like something bad on your laptop that is pickup by TruClient or blocks. A few options come to my mind:

    1 Start VuGen as Administrator (run elevated).

    2 Use not the chromium browser but the TruClient Browser and see what happens

    3 Disable virusscanner tools of your organization during running or installing (just to prove that it is virus software, but you will need support from IT department.

    4 Let IT validate your network settings.

    5 Ask IT for a new image for your laptop.

    6 Is there an VM for you available in the organization?

    The issues you have are on the interaction between Vugen and your Windows installation. So almost impossible to address efficiently via a forum.

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  • Thanks for the reply  

    Will definitely try the points you mentioned.

    We use VM in our organization and they already did VM profile reset, still issue remains same.

    I guess I need to again connect with IT team

    Or before that anyone from OpenText  or anybody volunteer to take a look at this issue offline by connecting individually, it would help  I guess.