I can't uninstall LoadRunner Analyses


I need to uninstall the 2020 version of LoadRunner Analyses to install 2023.

When I try to uninstall, it breaks and gives me the message "The account is already created"
What does one thing have to do with the other????

Please, give me some solution to uninstall it.


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    Hello Ernesto, 

    You can try a few options to uninstall the application:

    1-Uninstall silently:
    Discover the product code of the installed application by running the following command line (this takes some time and replace
    <<<part of product name>>> parameter by LoadRunner for example and pay attention to external double quotes and internal single
    wmic product where "Name like '%<<<part of product name>>>%'" get Name, Version,
    IdentifyingNumber >C:\product_codes.txt
    Open product_codes.txt file and look for the identifying# of the product you wish to uninstall.
    Once you have the identifying#, you can run the following to uninstall the product silently:
    set product_code=<<<identifying#>>>
    msiexec.exe /qb /x %product_code%

    2-Download the Microsoft utility Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed

    Run the utility and select the application to Uninstall.

    Ensure to have admin rights to perform this action on your environment. 

    Let me know if this information helps you.

    Natalia Mena

    ADM LoadRunner Support

    Although I am an Open Text Employee, I am speaking for myself and not for Open Text.

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