LoadRunner Vugen 2023 R1 - Getting error related to C interpreter run time error - Error -- memory violation : Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION in socket mode

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I tried to record and reply one of the SaaS (Software as a Service) application hosted in vendor cloud. 

I am able to record the required flow in Vugen, But during reply the 1st main URL (Launch page URL) is throwing "C interpreter run time error :  Error -- memory violation : Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION" in Socket mode.

Same script works fine , when enabled "winINlet Reply instead of sockets (windows only) " mode.

Issue is with only the socket reply mode. 

Detailed Error : 

Action.c(xx): Error: C interpreter run time error: Action.c (xx):  Error -- memory violation : Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION received.

Web request : 


LoadRunner Version : Version 2023 R1 Build 251

Same issue was encountered in LoadRunner Version 2020 SP2 as well.

Any advice or solution will be of great help.