Distrubution traffic scenarios between several nodes LR with one cumulative Analysis Report


There are 2 nodes of LoadRunners with idential configuration and LR folders location.

It is necessary to evenly distribute traffic between these machines by launching the client from only one machine

(in other words, for example, 30 users are launched from one machine and 30 users are launched from another machine, but the controller script is used only on one machine)

with final purpose - collect common data for analysis from both (or more in future - in need) machine.

The goal To build a cumulative analysis report using all the data from all machines. (and no several separate reports)

How to implement such a scenario?

In the  Controller --> Scenario Groups --> Load Generators there is option for NON-Localhost configuration

Do I understand correctly that load will be launched on another machine (in my Example: 2 Scenrios on localhost + 2 Scenarios on external host) or additional configuration is required for local/extended nodes?