Execution Analyzer from remote machine as part of full LR script


Locally on LR machine I created complete .bat file with automatic excution - 

 -  WebAutomation1.lrs

 - Analysis.lrr (based on creted folder and MyAutomationTemplate7)


part of executable .bat file


echo Setting Date Parameters...
CALL SET _my_datetime=%date%_%time%
CALL SET _my_datetime=%_my_datetime::=%

echo Setting Folders...
CALL SET _my_results_path=E:\WebAutomation\Results\WebAutomation_%_my_datetime%

echo Starting LR Controller...
CALL E:\HPE\LoadRunner\bin\Wlrun.exe -Run -TestPath E:\WebAutomation\Scenarios\WebAutomation1.lrs^
-ResultName E:\WebAutomation\Results\WebAutomation_%_my_datetime%

echo Starting LR Analysis...
CALL E:\HPE\LoadRunner\bin\AnalysisUI.exe -RESULTPATH %_my_results_path%\WebAutomation_%_my_datetime%.lrr^ -TEMPLATENAME MyAutomationTemplate7


this bat file runs perfectly on the local machine, a folder with the current timestep is created, the controller and analyzer script is started and executed.

[ Folders Output Structure: ]


attempt to execute .bat file from any remote machine is failed since folders for the Results (highlighted) of the script that runs the analyzer are not created.

As result the script is failed... (w/o any errors)

Are there any additional configuration restrictions on running the Analyzer from a Remote machine? since the first part of the Controller still works fine?


  • During execution, I noticed that the AnalysisUI.exe process starts successfully (it can be seen in the Task Manager), but

    - the Analysis UI does not open (how does this happen when running locally)

    - NOTE! Controller UI also does not open, but this does not prevent execute this part of the .bat file successfully

    and as a result, the entire folder configuration is not created

    Is it possible to run execution in the background (for folders creation)? maybe there is a problem with the location of these templates Although they are in the default directory 

  • I verified for different LR versions. Everywhere the same behavior when starting from Remote.

    So, summarize question - How to correctly to exceute/run AnalysisUI.exe from Remote machine?

    so that it not only up in background but also starts processing the file .lrr created by the Controller according to the configuration and Template folders

    Very simular to issue before many many years:  (I'm surprised if this hasn't been fixed yet)


  • , I'm confused by what you mean with "attempt to execute .bat file from any remote machine is failed since folders for the Results..."

    Let your batch on machine A. and remote machine is B. What are you doing?

    1. Do you open on B a network-share/drive on A and start the batch on B?

    2. You execute a remote-execution command on B to run the batch file on A?

    3. You open on B an RDP session to A and run batch on A in that RDP session?

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  • If it’s not clear what I wrote above, I’ll try to clarify:

    1. LoadRunner installed on machine A

    2. There is .bat file (example above), which contains commands to launch the Controller and after the Analisis

    (script created locally on LR node and on local LR machine is working  without any problems)

    3. Requered a new task - to run this script from a remote machine B (the same subnet)

    4. During execution .bat file from Remote machine B, only that part of the script that works with the Controller is executed

    part of Analisis is not excuted as expected (according to Template)

    2 specified Template folders are not created and therefore no finally Report

    Working Local:

     Actual from remote:

    I checked this one on another LR machine and re-wrote the .bat file in Powershell, the result is the same.

    Is it possible that the AnalysisUI.exe cannot work and process data in the background, and it definitely needs to open the UI???

    how this happens when running locally - when the GUI Controller first opens, and after finish then GUI Analisis opens (according to .bat file commands)

  • Verified Answer

    Starting UI applications from a remote system is hard, due to Winstations, Desktops, Permissions etc.These are not the most easy parts in Windows to program with).

    You might have a look to psexec, (MS product) and see what you can accomplish with that. You might explode the -i option.

    I know from LRE when Analysis is run in background on a Controller (LRE-Host, started via a service) the program HP.PC.AnalysysWrapper is run and not AnalysisUI.exe.

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  • good answer. Found already solution with PCEXEC + WORKING_DIRECTORY