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browser requirements



Can i use "google crome" and "firefox fox "  to run hp load runner?

plz ...give the reply




  • Hello,

    The question is not clear. What do you want to do?

    Record a Web (HTTP/HTML) script using Google Chrome or Firefox browser? That is possible

    Record a TruClient script using these browsers? LoadRunner brings these browsers with it. You need to use the browsers provided by LoadRunner: Chromium and Firefox from these specific versions.

    The browser do not run LoadRunner. LoadRunner uses it to record a script or to replay as well in TruClient case



  • Hi,

    I am using  google crome and some times firefox to recording the script in vu gen.

    is there any problem to use crome and firefox for recording script or do i have to use any particular browser (mandatory) always, like to record a script i.e  IE,Crome ,forefox?



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