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Enhancement request to LR2022 to capture the EBS Oracle 19c JNLP communication as LR does not support EBS Oracle 19c -

Status: Needs Clarification

Hello there
As far as i know JNLP should work in most configurations now however, depending on the browser it might not have worked in 2021 R2 
Can you confirm if on the support ticket you have tested the latest release in LR2023R?
Its possible that you might be able to hook and record but you are correct in that we don't officially certify Oracle 19c as per our support matrix

Thanks David

See status update history

As confirmed by OpenText on this ticket SD00471598, LR 2021 R2 does not support EBS Oracle 19c JNLP communication hence placing this enhancement request  in LR2022 to handle the problem statement

Problem statement:

While recording using LoadRunner Oracle Web protocol for the Oracle EBS in the new OCI platform, from the steps JNLP request is invoked, VUGENT tool is not able to capture the traffic. Hence No LoadRunner code is populating in the JNLP page onwards.

Also further to add on, JNLP is automatically invoked from the browser, but still we are not able to capture any Java server page response from the Loadrunner.