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LoadRunner Integraton with TFS Git

Status: Waiting for Votes

Waiting for Votes

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Brief Description: After a lengthy investigation into why LR version control through VuGen was not working with TFS Git, I learned from Micro Focus support and R&D that only GitHub (free online version control) is officially supported. Even though we were working with a premier vendor (Foulk Consulting), they were under the impression from the LR Help on Git version control that it should work with any Git repository, not just GitHub. We spent many weeks trying to troubleshoot and get this to work.

Benefits / Value: This is important because many companies are not using GitHub and require higher security than something like GitHub. In order to follow company best practices and toolsets, LR should support integration with TFS Git respsitories.

Design details: The design is already in place with GitHub and works through the VuGen interface as per the following help article:

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