Idea ID: 2876663

LRP 2023 R1 could be used on the os Win11 22H2

Status: Delivered

Delivered with 24.1 release

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I confirmed that the support for os win11 22H2 is on the roadmap, but now that LR2023R1 is released, there is no content about supporting os win11 22H2 in PAM. Hope LR2023R1 can support os win11 22H2.

 There are some specific end users cannot stop the update of the main version of Windows, so they hope

to continue to complete the QA test on 2023R1, and support os win11 22H2, even if it waits until the end of December 2023.

Otherwise customers will be on an unsupported operating system to use LRP.

we don't want this to happen.