Idea ID: 2877397

[LRP 2023 r1] Loadrunner must make the InfluxDB Default Localhost externally configurable.

Status: Accepted

We will plan a feature to allow an export of the online/summary data to be exported.

See status update history


Influxdb default setting is "localhost". 

Currently, the default save seems to be hardcoded to localhost.

The influxdb in the controller settings is for export only.


InfluxDb setting choice "localhost" and external Server.

This should be changed so that the summary data is also saved to external InfluxDB.

C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus\LoadRunner\wlrun7.ini file....

ServerUrl = http://localhost (need to change external host)
ServerPort = 8086
AuthenticationUserName = IUSR_METRO
AuthenticationUserPassword = LDNMcCfJ7vSz-xhWqXRwez-e-BEx8fta4Y55xeuIkxc.
AuthorizationUserName = IUSR_METRO
AuthorizationUserPassword = LDNMcCfJ7vSz-xhWqXRwez-e-BEx8fta4Y55xeuIkxc.
AuthorizationDbName = LRP_DB
ProxyServerUrl =
RetentionPolicyDuration = 7
CreateDbUsers = true
IsClearTextPasswords = false