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Make Controller(Wlrun.exe) run without GUI for better automation

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Hello Team,

the Controller GUI opens everytime when a scenario is started from the command line. We would like to automate the continuous run of our tests. Please develop Controller in a way that enables us to run multiple scenario side by side and for example repeating every 15min. Saving the transaction times in a log file easily accessible would be great, too.

  • This has impacted us as well.  We are attempting to automate LoadRunner Professional with GitlabRunner (i.e. build ephemeral cloud linux servers with OneLG image, check for available Controller (i.e. check if wlrun.exe process is not running), powershell script to build scenario.xml and copy to available controller, and execute CLIControllerApp.exe from command line).   Problem we face is that customer support indicated that Wlrun.exe must be run with gui context.  However Linux GitlabRunner ssh to Windows Server doesn't allow WLrun.exe to run in gui context.  Unless I'm missing something.   It would be nice if the Controller can be run without GUI context as it would ease automation.