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Need a 64-bit version of VuGen

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Hi LR R&D team,

A script can fail to be generated at the end of recording due to System.OutOfMemoryException when handling huge http body. It is caused by the fact that VuGen is a 32-bit process which is limited by OS with 2GB memory for user mode. So would you please consider providing a 64-bit version of VuGen to handle larger http body while generating a script?

One of our customers using LoadRunner Professional 2022R1 on Windows 10 21H2 encountered the limitation.

Kind regards,

  • Thanks for the suggestion.

    In this customer's case, they are using DFE to encode/decode the huge data. Correlation is not the main issue that caused OutOfMemoryException so even changing the correlation setting it would not be helpful in this case with the 32-bit process limitation.

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  • Hello

    Our default setting can use a lot of memory on some huge operations
    and they are not suitable for every customer. 
    Please tell the customer to try and change the default Recording Options to :

    1)  General -> Code Generation ->  [ ] Async Scan  (unselect)

    2) Correlation -> Configuration

    Ignore values shorter than [10

    Ignore value longer than [256

    If he needs only Rules Scan , its better to unselect the 2 options :
    [] Record Scan
    [] Replay Scan

    Then try to record again and see if helps