Idea ID: 2875705

Update LR_Detect

Status: Accepted

Planning to have this upgraded and fully supported in a future release.

See status update history

LR Detect  (LoadRunner Detect | AppDelivery Marketplace ( has been available on the MarketPlace for years but has not been kept current. The most recent update was in 17DEC2019 as far as I can tell.

  • It continues to report fully deprecated technologies such as Flex.
    • technology requirements should be updated
  • It only checks ports if certain services are running
    • Report All required Ports
  • Report LoadRunner Services first in the Running Services section
  • Update the required* browser to Not IE
  • Add details like the: Date Installed to the list of Installed Software
  • Upgrade and maintain technolgies i.e. netstat to Test-NetConnection etc.

This tool is the single best first-level diagnostic tool available to troubleshoot issues that are related to configuration or the testbed environment. If maintained and kept current, it's value would only increase

As User of LoadRunner,, I would like the LR_Detect tool kept current, so I can troubleshoot and support LR usage more quickly and efficiently.

Very Respectfully Yours,
Robin Haynes