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Use Application Name instead of Port from VTS

Status: Accepted

Backlog item for a future release.

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Currently, we're using port numbers to identify and route traffic to our various applications. While this approach has served us well, it can become cumbersome to manage, especially as we scale and add more services.

To address this, I suggest that we transition from using port numbers to using application names as identifiers. Instead of specifying port numbers, we can use clear and intuitive application names to access our services. This change not only streamlines our configuration but also makes it easier for team members to work with our services.

Here's how it would work:

  • Each application will have a unique name.
  • We'll maintain a mapping of these application names to their corresponding ports and internal service addresses.
  • Nginx, our web server, will be configured to route traffic to the appropriate service based on the provided application name.

This transition will simplify our server configuration and improve the accessibility of our services, making it easier for team members to interact with different applications.


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