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VUGen v.2022 R1 (connect to LRE): Change Upload/Download back to Open/Save

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We upgraded from ALM and Performance Center 12.63 to LoadRunner Enterprise v.2022 R1. In that transition we discovered that MicroFocus has gone away with the Software standard of using the File | Open and File | Save and File | Save as... and replaced it with Upload and Download, after you've connected to LRE v.2022 R1. 

It was so much easier in the past with connecting to ALM and then using the File | Open (from ALM) and File | Save (or Save as...) options which is the standard operation for any software. This new way to connect to LRE and then do an Upload or Download is just strange that MicroFocus would go this direction when you have the blueprint from connecting to ALM, that you could have applied to LRE? 


  • in VUGen go to Connections
  • Select LRE (as you would for ALM)
  • Login to LRE (as you did for ALM)
  • then go to File menu in VUGen
  • Select either Open or the Save as.. option
  • Select LRE (as you did for ALM)
  • Select your Folder(s) in LRE that you want to open (or save to)
  • Then Select to Open that file or Save a file to that LRE location.