Knowledge Doc: Error: Out of memory, memory violation : Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION received


case 1
The script runs without issue in versions older than 2022 R2. However, when attempting to replay it using VuGen 2022 R2, the following error message is thrown by VuGen:

Action.c(30): Error -26000: Error: Out of memory ! [MsgId: MERR-26000]

Action.c(30): Error: C interpreter run time error: Action.c (30): Error -- memory violation : Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION received. [MsgId: MERR-19890]

case 2:
"Memory access violation" error even for 1 vuser web http/html from LRE and mmdrv command line and also from controller. Works fine from vugen replay.
Business process involves uploading approximately 1GB sized single file.

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