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Ability to create rules on staffing profiles and financial summary

Status: Waiting for Votes

Today there is not way to place any rules, filters or logic on the staffing profile or financial summary.Having this ability is really helpful.

  • Hi Etienne,

    I give my vote for this enhancement request.

    A couple of use cases.

    Financial Summary

    When user adds a FS line and selects "License" as "Cost Category" then "Vendor" user data must be required at save.

    Staffing Profile

    When user adds a SP position and selects "External" as "Resource Type" and "Engagement" user data is "LTA (long term agreement)" then "Agreement ID" must be required at save.

    "Request Type Rules" functionality, as available in Demand Management module, could fit these use cases.

  • HI  Etienne,

    To start with it will be helpful to have ability to build rules on

    1) Ability to modify the validation of the resource pools

    2) Ability to create UI Rules 

                     -  User Data fields (such as field dependency)

                     - Start date / End Date changes (to tie to the Parent Start /End Date)

                     -  Ability to restrict users from placing dollars beyond start date of the financial summary

                     - Ability to prompt users when forecast is added against an disabled pool or line in staffing profile / financial summary

         In short , having flexibility to add any rules on load/save for any logic that business requires is the end goal.

  • Hi Urva,

    We need more details about what you want to be able to do with custom rules on SP & FS. Would it be enough to have UI Rules on User Data fields?

    Or do you expect ot be able to set other fields of positions/financial lines?

    What APIs do you need exactly?

    What are your use cases?

    Etienne Canaud
    PPM R&D
    Although I am an OpenText employee, I am speaking for myself and not for OpenText.
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