Idea ID: 1766144

Ability to receive completed reports as attachments

Status: Delivered

Delivered in PPM 10.0.1

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When a report is generated in PPM, the email notification should have an option to include the resulting report file as an attachment (HTML, XLSX, etc.)

If the report output is HTML, it would be good to have the option to receive the output as PDF format rather than HTML.

  • This feature is currently being investigated for a tentative implementation in a future PPM release (10.0.1).

    The main issue here is that any report that doesn't use "basic" HTML+CSS1 risks being rendered poorly to PDF and have layout problems.

    And if we keep the reports as HTML format, then attachments will likely be removed by the email server security filters - especially if the report code contains some javascript. Zipping the HTML file may not help much.

    So I guess the only way to get this feature to work correctly will be to use it with Excel Reports. 

    If you have any idea on how to avoid the previously mentioned issues, please share!

  • We had built custom reports for this but was a tedious job to fit it in PDF.

  • I have been asked if this is possible in PPM by many of my users.  This would be a great think to have around here and very welcomed.

  • I am also interested in that enhancement, as I think it will be more likely that resources will look at the report.

    I know some of the people receiving our reports are not logging into PPM to look at them. Anything we can do to make it easier would be beneficial.

  • When a scheduled report is completed, recipients would prefer to have a PDF copy or some kind of readable copy available as an attachment in the completion notification rather than just a link back to PPM.