Idea ID: 2752719

Ability to share Private Dashboard to other users

Status: Delivered

Delivered in PPM 10.0.1

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Ability to share Private Dashboard to other users will be helpful for users.

  • And that's exactly how we've implemented it :) 

    - There's a new access grant to decide who can share their private pages. The feature is controlled by a feature toggle, as usual.

    - Users can share their private pages with any user(s), and they can change the list of users even after the page is shared, as it copied into a "shared page" module.

    - A user you shared a page with can decide to stop viewing a shared page. This way, your PPM menu won't be polluted with too many irrelevant shared pages.

    - When a private page is shared, a copy of it is made to be shared as a "shared page" module. Future changes to your private page will not be reflected in the shared page. 

    - You cannot modify the name or content of a shared page once shared. That would be too close to letting users create their own modules - if that's what you need, just give them the ability to create their own modules. This feature is there for "quick" page sharing. Users can then decide to copy shared pages to their own private dashboard pages. These copied private pages will remain even if the shared page module is removed.

    To be delivered in PPM 10.0.1, already available for testing on PPM 10.0.1

  • It would be great if users could decide who they wanted to share their dashboard with, and share it themselves.

  • legacy versions of the solution allowed the Administrator to "copy" dashboards from one user to another profile and copy user dashboards to make distributable to the other members of the community.  bringing this back might help.  Ref 4x and 5x releases