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Calendar overview portlet for all team members

Status: Waiting for Votes

We would like to view all the personal calendars of a defined group of people in a yearly or quarterly row view with colored fields for absence, holidays, work entries.This would help team leaders to see the absence of his team members in one view.

Name/Date 1.1. 2.1. 3.1. 4.1. 5.1. 6.1. 7.1. 10.1.  ...
Name 1 GH H H H H
Name 2 GH T T
Name n....

H= Holiday

GH= Global Holiday

T = Travel

Should be colored.

  • Hi Atti,

    I'm opening this idea for votes, however keep in mind that you have all the information in PPM DB already, so you could already do that by yourself with a SQL Datasource and an HTML+ portlet rendering the data in whatever layout you may prefer.

    Etienne Canaud
    PPM R&D
    Although I am an OpenText employee, I am speaking for myself and not for OpenText.
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