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Financial Summary Decimals in Cost Line

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Is it possible able to see decimals in the cost line while editing and while viewing the forecast and actual cost? 

Currently, PPM allows to enter with decimals, but while viewing it is round the figures, so it is not possible to find issues at this level. And there are customers who look at a penny/cent level. 

Is there any way to enable visibility on that table(s) component within the Financial Summary, at least for the modern new one in Edit cost one?

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  • Hi,

    Indeed, there's currently no way to display the decimals in currency in the financial summary, even though they are saved to database when captured in the UI. And one bad side effect is that if the (formatted) cell is selected and saved, it will now save the formatted value to database, thus losing the decimal figures.

    Valid ER, opening for votes.

    Etienne Canaud
    PPM R&D
    Although I am an OpenText employee, I am speaking for myself and not for OpenText.
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