Idea ID: 2687530

Option to Trigger an Email Notification to Approver - When an approved Timesheet is Reworked

Status: Delivered

Delivered in PPM 10.0.4

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We would like to have an Out of the box solution to Trigger an Email Notification to Timesheet Approver - When an approved Timesheet is Reworked by a timesheet user. This should be similar to how a timesheet user is getting notified when the manager rejects a timesheet.

  • I believe it will be helpful to have the ability to configure notifications on timesheets/timesheet policy based on any action. Similar to what we have on workflows. 

  • From the timesheet approver, it mostly makes sense to get a notification when it is re-submitted, but it may also be helpful to get a head-up notification that a timesheet has started being reworked and may be re-submitted at some point in the future; that gives timesheet approver time to contact timesheet submitter before it gets re-submitted if doing so may end up causing issues. 

    So I guess, ideally, both! 

    Etienne Canaud
    PPM R&D
    Although I am an OpenText employee, I am speaking for myself and not for OpenText.
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  • I like this idea. Would the notification occur when it is put into reworked, or when it is re-submitted and ready for approval, or both?