Idea ID: 2874137

Portlet Definition Enhancement: Gantt Chart portlet type

Status: Waiting for Votes


I would like to request for an enhancement in PPM portlet definition creation. The enhancement should allow PPM Administrators to select a "Gantt Chart" type portlet with functionalities similar a workplan. The basic functionalities should include the following:
1. collapse/expand of tasks in hierarchy
2. gantt view with color coding (based on the color-coding defined in the datasource) and can show task relationships
3. when the task is plotted in the chart, aside from the scheduled start and finish dates; there should be an option to specify other date data point per task in case a task has a gap in between.
4. line overlay to display a given date (this can be current date, or based on a user defined numeric column)
5. line overlay to display the progress line of tasks (this can be based on a variance in #days of planned vs actual, or based on a user defined numeric column)
6. toggle to display the gantt chart in week, month, quarter, or year view.
7. task filtering including child tasks, and hyperlinks to tasks

Please let me know if you have any clarifications. Thank you!