Idea ID: 2870890

Provide SCIM interface to support Azure AD user provisioning

Status: Waiting for Votes

The System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) is an interface supported by Microsoft Azure AD to sync user accounts between different system in an enterprise.

If PPM provided a SCIM endpoint, it would become a "Target System" for Azure AD and users and groups could be automatically and actively synced from Azure AD to PPM. This would replace the current LDAP import functionality, where a report in PPM runs regularly to import the changes in the directory to PPM. With SCIM, user and group changes are propagated actively to the target systems using webservices - there is no delay between the Azure AD configuration and the sync with PPM.

This interface would also be very helpful in SaaS scenarios, where opening a company's LDAP/AD server to a system in the cloud might be considered a security problem.

If you find this idea would ease your admin work - go ahead and vote for it :-)