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Regarding button status when saving projects/requests

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Our user is suggesting to have an indicator in clicking the buttons like workflow action buttons or Save button (it is greyed out/disabled). This is common in the previous version of PPM but not anymore in version 23.4 while the button stays blue. 

Note: There are no data discrepancies.

  • Thanks a lot for the clarification Alfred. 

    Opening for votes.

  • Thank, we have commands on the request and clicking the save button the user start to click multiple times on the button because it seems that the button has not been clicked. The solution should have the button greyed out or something indicating the the button has been clicked and backend processing is in progress.

    This is similar for the workflow action buttons, the action button is clicked and clicked multiple times because it look like nothing is happening when button was clicked. Because to the workflow execution and the request command, After save, event, there is no indication that the backend processing is in progress.



    Alfred Puth

    iOCO: Senior PPM Consultant