Introducing the Serena Deployment Automation expert

In the sixth of a series of articles we are going to look at the Serena Deployment Automation (SDA) tool and how you can harness this technology from within Pulse.


What is SDA?

The SDA expert is included out of the box with Pulse. SDA enables you to automate the deployment of application changes. Benefits include continuous delivery and DevOps automation, reduction of development costs, and increased deployment frequency without increased risk.

Why use SDA?

Whilst huge resource should (rightfully) be invested in producing stable reliable releases, many vendors realise the quality and value of a release needs to be matched by the effectiveness of the deployment of the release and its related assets.




The attached PDF document describes the following 5 steps to implement this:


Step 1: Configuring Dimensions CM 
Step 2: Create the Suite and Product 
Step 3: Create an expert chain 
Step 4: Deliver a modification 
Step 5: View the newly created changeset results in Pulse 

Download the PDF document for more information on how to implement this expert.

Experts supplied with Pulse

In Dimensions CM 14.2, Pulse comes with a comprehensive array of plugins that can be used, these include:

  • Checkstyle: enforces coding standards.
  • Jenkins: a continuous integration server that you can use with Pulse to execute, and report on, builds of changesets as they are delivered.
  • Kiuwan: measures, analyzes, and verifies the quality of your code.
  • PMD: analyzes source code and finds common programming bugs.
  • SDA Deployment: imports and deploys a component using Serena Deployment Automation.
  • SDA Generic Process: runs a generic process in Serena Deployment Automation.
  • SonarQube: inspects the quality of your code.
  • Dependency Vulnerabilities: finds third party dependencies in your code that may have known security vulnerabilities.

Please note that as well as the current experts that come with the standard Pulse installation, it is also possible to create your own expert. For more information please go to:


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