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What does "get: Feature has expired. (-10,234)" mean?

I was previously able to pull code from the archives, but I no longer can.

Does anyone have any idea what this error message means?

I'm on vm 8.4. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, but to no avail. 

I believe we have an old PVCS licence, but no maintenance licence, so I'm not sure if we can get any official support for this. So I'm trying my luck here.


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    That message indicates use of a temporary license past its expiration date. This isn't something that normally happens when you have permanent license on a license server.

    Launch the VM Desktop Client GUI and go to Help | About PVCS Version Manager. What does this show for License Server?

    Kind regards,

    - Richard.

  • Hi Richard,

    Thank you very much for replying!

    I actually don't have a licence server running any more. I tried to set that up a few years ago, but ran into issues whenever the Host ID changed for whatever reason (e.g. change of IP address?) I could not "re-host" the licence server without a valid maintenance contract (which I did not have), as far as I understood. There was some back and forth with Serena support, but the last mail basically said that I'd have to purchase a maintenance contract if I needed more support, which is fair enough.

    Anyway, the solution I arrived at back then was to install a 30-day trial each time I needed to pull code, which was not going to be very often at all, if ever. So that was an acceptable solution for me at that time. And you're right, I tried installing the 30-day trial on a new machine and was able to pull code again. So thank you!

    Have a good day,



  • Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for the feedback. If this happens infrequently enough then reinstalling VM the way you did may be acceptable.

    (If necessary you can rehost your existing licenses as you own them, providing the systems you are running still support the software you have. In lieu of having a support contract this does requires a formal rehosting letter to be signed.)

    With kind regards,

    - Richard.

  • Oh, thank you, Richard! That's definitely good to know.

    Would you know who I can contact if I need to go down that route, to sign the formal rehosting letter?

    Thank you,


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