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Java and using MS Edge browser

My company will soon be stopping support for IE and will be transitioning to using only MS Edge.  As I understand it, Edge does not support Java or any Java plugins.  Is there a workaround for getting PVCS (and SBM) to work in MS Edge?

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    Hello Anthony,

    There is no workaround, but there has been a solution for some time: starting with VM 8.6.1, the web client for both VM I-Net and SourceBridge (SBM) stopped using the Java plug-in. To retain the ability to check files in and out, a PVCS Web Client Agent was introduced, which end-users can easily install from the login page.

    Upgrading to a current release (VM 8.6.3) will solve your problem, and let you use Edge as well as Firefox and Chrome.

    Kind regards,

    - Richard.