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add work file error

Hi all,

I am trying to add a new work file to a project database through 

File > add work files

and I am getting the following error "PVCS Version Manager could not read the information stored in the archive (archive location)"

But I don't have an archive because this is the first time adding this new workfile, I am not very experienced with PVCS, any advice about how to resolve this issue?


  • Hello Euan,

    If you are getting this error for any new file you add, something odd is going on that makes the newly created archive unreadable to you. There are many questions we would need answered to figure out what is going on, like what client you are using to add the files (desktop client, web client, other,  how the repository is accessed (via VM File Server, directly from a network share), the type of operating system being used, etc. This is best done via a support case.

    Can you please create one at

    Thanks in advance,

    - Richard.